Caiden Cowger

Cowger Behind Microphone WXMBCaiden Cowger has become one of the main voices in the young conservative arena, and at the age of 17, he became the youngest nationally syndicated radio host in the history of talk radio. His ​show, The Caiden Cowger Program, skyrocketed to the most ​listened ​to teenage political show in the country.

Talkers Magazine reports that normally only 19% of people under 35 listen to talk radio. Reaching 30 thousand listeners each week, 82.6% of Cowger’s listeners are under 35, making The Caiden Cowger Program the next generation of conservative talk radio.

Cowger is known for his lively, witty, humorous and passionate commentary on politics and current events. On his show, he provides a Christian—conservative—worldview on the most recent news concerning the nation.

Cowger has founded several political organizations and news-outlets, most under his business The Cowger Nation Media Network. In 2012, he started, which is a news outlet that provides political information and conservative opinion on issues regarding the United States. In 2013, he launched Cowger Network, which is a news television channel. In 2014, Cowger started CNR (Cowger Nation Radio), which is a conservative talk radio network featuring some of the most talented hosts from across the country.

Segments from Cowger’s show have appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher, Tosh.O (Comedy Central—Daniel Tosh) , The Young Turks, The Huffington Post, TMZ Live and The Glenn Beck Radio Program. He has also appeared as a frequent guest on Focal Point with Bryan Fischer (American Family Radio).

Since the show launched on December 5, 2010, Cowger’s voice has been heard by millions across the United States.

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Caiden Cowger Program The Official Website of Caiden Cowger: Teenage Conservative Radio Host, Author, and Political Commentator.

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