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Calvary Chapel Myrtle Beach is a non-denominational through the Bible teaching Church. www.ccmyrtlebeach.com 


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Palmetto Christian Pages was founded on the idea that Christian business owners would be able to freely advertise their business while proclaiming their faith. We offer a unique advertisement directory to the community, which promotes businesses that operate on Biblical principles. We want our advertisements to stand out as a known, reliable source for businesses that are trustworthy and honest. www.palmettochristianpages.com


Renee Holder Realtor

  • 215 Greenleaf Cr. Myrtle Beach,SC. 29579 843-446-3874
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WXMB 101.5 FM is a non-commercial radio station. Therefore the FCC has certain guideline for sponsorship’s.

For the most part, we can give your business info, location, contact info, but we cannot make it sound like a normal advertising spot, like that of the commercial radio stations.

What your business sponsorship will tell our listeners is that you are partnering with WXMB 101.5 FM to deliver good Biblical Bible teaching and Worship music to the Grand Strand Area.

Sponsoring Christian Radio is not about how many people I can attract to my business, but rather helping to get the Gospel of Jesus Christ out to the area in which we live. Please do not look at this as a normal costs per dollar return, because that may not be the case.

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Coverage Map: WXMB Has the potential to reach approximately 150,000 people in the Myrtle Beach, Grand Strand Area.

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